Dark Web Explained For You.

breaking the dark web hype
breaking the dark web hype
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So by now , most of you probably would’ve heard of dark web. It is an encrypted network that exists between Tor servers and their clients, and can be accessed using Tor project browsers only. As we talk of web we think of Google , Wikipedia , Facebook etc where we can publicly access and share data, that leads to a common misconception that everything that is on world wide web can be found on google , or on one of the search engines. But that is not how internet works. the internet you know of or you can access on your daily basis is just the 4% of the world wide web, the websites and data which are indexed on conventional search engines. the rest 96% of web is never indexed , so making it unreachable for you , that is where dark web comes on.

An info graphic illustrating Dark web .

usually dark web and deep web are misunderstood as same thing , but as i said misunderstood, the both are not exactly the same thing. An easy way to understand how these two are different is that , you usually access deep web everyday. Deepweb is databases, personal emails , Any company’s intranet where only authorized personal can access it using some script or program. So deep web is mostly personal data which is not indexed by search engines. For instance if your personal emails could be searched on Google and everyone could see them , what it would be like ? So its kept out of reach to search engines and rest of web.

So all of that information on world wide web, which is not indexed for public searches , is termed as deepweb. 

So now what is dark web ?

Now dark web , its only 0.4% of whole web, but accessed by millions every month. The most interesting thing about dark web is that it can’t be traced , tracked. And this makes it useful for many of illegal things going on in darkweb. Three of top uses of darkweb are for Illegal Arms , Hacking , and Drugs businesses.

What else you will find inside the dark web ?

Darkweb is everything you can find on normal web , but its just uncensored version of it. It has its own search engine duck duck go and some other ones where you can find other darkweb websites. Social forums , terrorist sites , illegal porn , killer for hire , guns ,web hostings, fake credit cards for bitcoins , hacking , drugs , banned materials you will find everything here , but its not like you just visit and say, ” hey , I want one AK47 ” or so .

So , Dark web can be used when there are two options, either use layered proxies or invite police your place. and most of times everyone prefers the first option.

In order to access Dark web , one needs Tor browser, which is specially made for accessing .onion websites. All of websites in darkweb are given a .onion domain name. As name suggests everything here is layered as an onion, you click a button or a link , and your request goes through many of layers , completely making the original one untraceable.

So by now you probably understand what dark web is. And to use Darkweb you will need to download tor browser for PC. Tor project is also available for android , to access dark web on android you will need to download Orbot browser or  Orbot proxy app for other browsers.

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